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turbulence fd source (DEMO)

I tried to use the turbulence fd source and plug in my tfd container (demo version of tfd)…
Nothing rendered besides black.

My question is,

should i expect this being i have a demo not a full version of TFD?

From what I understand, you should be able to get particles out the trial version of TFD.

Can you try this to try to debug what is happening:

  1. Create generic TFD scene:
    -Create a basic TFD object of any sort.
    -Create a “Krakatoa Turbulence FD Source” object ( Plugins > Krakatoa > Turbulence FD Source ).
    -For the Krakatoa TFD Source object’s “Container”, select your TFD object.

  2. Render:
    -Set Krakatoa as the renderer
    -In the Krakatoa render dialog, go to “Options” and select “Override Color” to be white, and then select “Force Additive Mode”. This will ensure the particles will be seen.
    -Render. Are any particles shown in the render?

still nothing. I tried to plug in everything in the scene to the container as well to no avail.

here is my scene below
Nick sho ito tfd krakatoa scene not (110 KB)

I think the TFD Demo doesnt have the needed API&Libs for KC4D to work with it?

ahhh, man!

well that was what i was hoping to find out.


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