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Two multilayer EXR files to single multilayer EXR

i have two EXR files with same name of layers. I need to merge A.exr (render region) with B.exr only RGBA layers to get C.exr RGBA. I have carousel animation with hundreds of similar files (8 frames for 1 product). Below I was attached files on (single frame). What is the best way to do this in draft?



Hello @bzyk_byk

I have not done this myself before so most of my knowledge is based on our docs. It seems like you are doing something like this example: Extract EXR Layers to Images — Draft 1.8.0 documentation

You might have read through this earlier. I think this is based on single exr and you want to merge in two (only RGBA channels), it might still apply. Let me know if I did not understand the question properly.

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