Unable to convert error in assets rollout


Hi I am getting this error in one of my scenes, it worked fine until today and all other scenes work well as well.

Unable to convert: undefined to type: String

deadline 10, corona 3, max 2016

maxscript highlights this row but I haven´t touched anything (also you see greyed out rollouts on the assets menu

thanks for any help


It appears that under certain circumstances a VRayHDRI map’s filename can produce an ‘undefined’ result instead of an empty string, or a valid path.

This was fixed in 10.0.22 where we added an IF statement to check against undefined path:

  • Jobs with VrayHDRI maps that do not have an output filename defined can now be submitted properly.

The new code looks like

		for aMap in theVRayHDRI do 
			local theFilename = aMap.HDRIMapName
			if theFilename != undefined do
				for aToken in VRayTokens do
					theFilename = substituteString  theFilename aToken[1] aToken[2]
					theFilename = substituteString  theFilename (toLower aToken[1]) aToken[2]

It appears that you are running an older version of Deadline. Could you update?


thanks a lot update fixed this !