Unable to render Unreal Engine official Level Sequence example scene

Hi there:

I want to test the Unreal Engine Plugin, so I downloaded a test scenario from the official. (The Sequencer Subway example project, available from the Learn tab in the Epic Games Launcher)

Parameters are as follows:

The problem is that I still can’t get the rendering result after 12 hours.:cold_face: No error, no log. The master level sequence of this demo scene is played infinitely, and it is set to not render the result without looping.

Does anyone tell me what to do?:grin:

Hi @Sheldon_Lee

Apologies for the delayed response. Whats the status of your job on the Deadline Monitor? If you dont see the job on the monitor, it could mean that it failed during submission. In that case, can you try submitting the job from Monitor? Submit -> 3D -> UnReal Engine?
If you do see the Job ‘Queued’ and is not picked up by the worker, then right click on this job and check on ‘Find Render Candidates’, this should show you a list of Workers that can render this job and errors if any.

Also, just to makes sure this is not something with Unreal installation or your scene file, you could also try rendering this outside Deadline.