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Unreal 5 Render Plugin Error

Greetings I have an issue while rendering through deadline.

The Unreal 5 plugin is correctly installed on my unreal project

I can submit my job and see it in the task on my monitor but I get this error when the worker start rendering.

LogProjectManager: Error: Failed to open descriptor file nameproject.uproject

LogInit: Warning: Could not find a valid project file, the engine will exit now

My project is hosted on a network share where the worker have an access with read write privilège on it.

If you had this issue can you give me some pointer so I can resolve it.


can you launch the project on the machine that is rendering?
Is it a UNC or drive mapped location?
Is Deadline running as a service?

It’s a UNC location and deadline run as a service on the worker
If I map a drive with the project location on the worker I can open the project

Any ideas about my issue or do you need more information ?

Is using mapped drives not an option? can you set up a path mapping option and a drive mapping for render as a workaround?

I’m not sure about the code for unreal plugin but it maybe possible to look at this and see where/why it breaks

def _get_startup_directory(self):
    Get startup directory
    startup_dir = self.GetPluginInfoEntryWithDefault(
        "StartupDirectory", ""
    # Get the project root path
    project_root = self.GetProcessEnvironmentVariable("ProjectRoot")

    if startup_dir:
        if project_root:
            startup_dir = startup_dir.format(ProjectRoot=project_root)

        self.LogInfo("Startup Directory: {dir}".format(dir=startup_dir))
        return startup_dir.replace("\\", "/")

Did you create a support ticket?

If I create a drive map it mean that a user need to been logged on the computer or we don’t want that.
And I didn’t create a ticket.

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