Update Deadline Repository to - Error closing installer

I found some issues trying to update my deadline repository (currently Release) to the version
As you can see on the image, Deadline installer closes after I filled the information about the certificate to connect to the database. I tried closing all the machines connected to the repository, with and without the services running (deadline and mongodb) and all the combinations between the services. I followed the instructions here: Upgrading or Downgrading Deadline — Deadline documentation (thinkboxsoftware.com), however I still get the error message.
Anyone can help me? My main objective is juste update the repository to be able to install 3DS Max 2022 on our machines.

Thank you.

Error Deadline

Thanks for reaching out. Can you share the installation log from here: Client Installation (Advanced) — Deadline documentation

Also are you planning to use Corona 6/7 with 3dsmax 2022? it’s reported to be broken.

The support help me to install an intermediate version, which has secret management, and after that I was able to install the latest version of the repository. The latest version has the submission installer to 3DS Max 2022.

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