Update environmentkey setting


I would like to update environment key values of an existing job.
Either using the python api, given that I am using deadline 10,
or deadlinecommand.exe.

I tried using setjobsettings deadlinecommand.exe but the result was

Error: setting ‘EnvironmentDictionary’ was found, but could not be set



Can you share the whole command you used? and where are you setting this value, in the job info file?

Hello Ali,

The job is sent using the deadline python API with an infos file and a plugin file.
My users would like to know the current job id when their script is executed.
As it is seems not possible, I had the idea to send the job as suspended, set the id in the environment variables, activate the job.

The command to set a settings is :
deadlinecommand.exe --setjobsetting job_id settings value

Unfortunatly, setting or event getting the EnvironmentDictionary is not possible.

Hope this helps.


If anyone is searching, we managed to do it using the python api :

job_infos['initialstatus'] = "Suspended"
job_id = dm.send_job(
    job_infos, plugin_infos, auxiliary_files)

job = deadline.Jobs.GetJob(job_id)
job['Props']['Env']['JOB_ID'] = job_id
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