Using >1 concurrent tasks will result in dropping frames


I’m observing a rather unpleasant behavior with the latest deadline version.

When I’m rendering with V-Ray standalone and I use more then one concurrent task. Deadline will randomly mark frames as completed with a render time of ~1 second.
V-Ray standalone will not write an output frame even though the task is marked as completed.

The behavior looks like this, the marked frames have a rendertime of 1 second and no output files, if I requeue the frames (even with the same machine) the frames will render fine:

If I do not use concurrent tasks at all, this behaviour will not occur.

Any Idea what it could be?
Unfortunately I could not “catch” exactly whats happening in the logs since it’s random.

Thank you


the highlighted tasks, what do the job logs look like for these?


Hey kwatts,
the task report for the highlighted tasks is empty, they are getting marked as completed but the log is empty:

I just saw that someone here has a very similar issue:



Did you have any luck resolving this? Seeing the exact same thing, though with Redshift. No logs are being generated, so it’s tough to tell what’s going on. But with more than 1 concurrent task, frames are finishing in less than 1 second and being marked as complete. Seeing this on several job types.


Hey, the newer Version fixed these Problems for me. So, currently this problem does not appear anymore in my case.

Sorry to hear that you still have this issue.