Using Deadline.Cloud.GroupMapping

I’d like to use Deadline.Cloud.GroupMapping to set the default pool an instance starts up in, but I can’t see how this should be used. Can someone give a getting-started-like description for using this?


Just before you get too dug in, all the non-AWS Cloud features are getting deprecated. So if you haven’t gotten invested yet I’d check out our docs on either the AWS Portal or the Spot Event Plugin.

Thanks Justin – I’m familiar with those features. Does this mean you won’t be supporting cloud plug-ins outside of AWS after next year? (i.e. I realise the built-in support is being removed, but will we still be able to extend it with cloud plug-ins for non-AWS services?)

Just asked, and that’s the case. It’ll all be getting removed.

I imagine you could still make it work, but that’ll be quite an undertaking.

Okay, thanks for the reply Justin.

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