V-Ray Next Standalone CPU affinity



When working with Deadline’s multiple slaves, V-Ray just ignores CPU affinities set by Deadline Slaves, it just uses all available CPU threads.
In a scenario with 4 active multiple slaves on a single node, if 2 V-Ray processes start simultaneously, they allocate all available CPU, and the other 2 just wait for these processes to finish, so they can start rendering.
With small scenes this is no problem, but with larger scenes, where frames take +30mins to finish, for some tasks the timings will go above 1 hour.
I’ve tried with Deadline’s plugin setting where you can limit the V-Ray threads to CPU affinity, but with this setting, V-Ray just ignores the 2nd CPU, there is only 50% CPU utilization. Something similar is happening with working with environmental variable “VRAY_NUM_THREADS”.

Is there a way to fix this or is it a feature I am asking?




With a help from Thinkbox support, disabling Deadline’s plugin setting “Limit threads to CPU affinity” and setting environmental variable “VRAY_USE_THREAD_AFFINITY=0”, Deadline successfully forwards predefined CPU affinities to initiated V-Ray process.


Only caveat here, would be that setting that environment variable prevents you from using more than 64 cores on a single machine (which people have run into :sweat_smile:).