V-Ray Standalone Resumable Rendering

Is this possible? I see there is a post on the V-Ray forum

But there is no option on the Standalone Submitter (

Is it possible that this could be added?

Or there be an option to append switches to the command? Seems like it is possible by modifying the Deadline job after submission

Would be also great if this can be added to the export submission scripts within all other applications

I wasn’t entirely sure if this was possible in Standalone, or whether the setting needed to be checked in the V-Ray application submitter (such as 3ds Max)

Please let me know if I’m missing something obvious in this workflow?


You’re not missing anything, that’s just not something we support at the moment.

If you’d like to experiment with it if you add that -resume=1 flag in the “Command Line Args” field in the submitter it appends it to the command we run to start V-Ray and saves you having to edit the job after submission. Which should work based on my speed-read of their docs.

Maybe play around with adding that flag to see if it’s an easy thing to add?

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re-visiting this, it is possible to append it (I put that command in my initial post) and this works as expected ( I’ve only done a simple test with .vrimg so need to test EXR and re-re-resuming)

I was hoping this simple functionality could be added into both the standalone submitter and the export workflows in each application (ok quite a bit of work!)


I switched the output to EXR and I wrote out a readable file.

If you don’t set a time it only writes the .vrprog at the end of the render

If you use the switch -progressiveAutoSave=1 then it writes a .vrprog every minute, if you suspend and resume the job it picks up where it left off

I guess ideally wherever the render gets to it would be good to get a render out, I’ll need to figure that out

This is a greal (if old) post on how I imaged Deadline implementing this

also the end of this podcast from CG Garage (always worth a listen)

Picking this up again as I’m hoping this feature will be added to both the V-Ray export options and Standalone submitter.

The resumable render flag isn’t added to the export even if set in the host application

Be great to have this as an option in Deadline to enable and set the time distance.

It should leave a .vrprog (progressive renders) or .vrimg (bucket renders) if cancelled or paused etc so it should be possible to open the file in VFB and save out the image however far the render gets.

I’m checking to see if it’s possible to do anything with the .vrprog like you can with the .vrimg (which can be converted with this tool AND is already in Deadline)

I haven’t tested yet but would be interesting to see this kind of workflow combined with the denoiser and be able to export a job from host application (eg. 3dsMax) render progressively before denoising and finally converting the image

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