V-Ray Standalone Resumable Rendering

Is this possible? I see there is a post on the V-Ray forum

But there is no option on the Standalone Submitter (

Is it possible that this could be added?

Or there be an option to append switches to the command? Seems like it is possible by modifying the Deadline job after submission

Would be also great if this can be added to the export submission scripts within all other applications

I wasn’t entirely sure if this was possible in Standalone, or whether the setting needed to be checked in the V-Ray application submitter (such as 3ds Max)

Please let me know if I’m missing something obvious in this workflow?


You’re not missing anything, that’s just not something we support at the moment.

If you’d like to experiment with it if you add that -resume=1 flag in the “Command Line Args” field in the submitter it appends it to the command we run to start V-Ray and saves you having to edit the job after submission. Which should work based on my speed-read of their docs.

Maybe play around with adding that flag to see if it’s an easy thing to add?

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