VELOCITY: Velocity Multiplier


This simple flow is uselful when you need to increase/decrease the velocity, to compensate for camera motion blur’s relation to particle motion blur, for increasing FumeFX velocities, or anything else.

Enjoy! (465 Bytes)


I would like to emphasize the fact that due to the History Independent nature of Krakatoa particles, scaling the Velocities inside of Krakatoa only affects the current frame (which is Great!). Doing the same in PFlow or TP would affect later frames because the particles would be actually moved to new positions. But in this case, the Velocity channel will be scaled (producing more or less motion blur within the frame), but the Position channel will not be affected, so the general shape of your cloud will remain the same.

You can see a similar approach in the Frost + Krakatoa tutorial posted here - in it, I actually provided NEW radial Velocities, resulting in a Star-shaped Glow effect around the particles instead of motion blur trails: … -and-krak/ You could use this to produce furry-looking particle clouds, too.

Similarly, the NPR demos I posted last year on YouTube used the same approach to produce the Pencil smearing look.

In other words, you can use MagmaFlow to produce special effects by manipulating channels in unusual ways.


good point!, thanks for sharing, i had seen that page before but did not read it entirely,

thats quite exciting in how magma flow can change all these attributes,

i wonder how much you could do with it by positioning particles with mathematical formulas,
i.e. give magmaflow just a million particles, and then reposition them completely, that would turn it into a “particle system” going beyond post-processing,
maybe it could even do this faster than pflow or tp


You can do a lot that way :slight_smile:

Here is a very basic example: … x-channel/

In general, I would suggest that everybody interested in MagmaFlow should read at least this:


jea ive seen that before and had the same thoughts

seems to be a huge amount of potential in magma flow,