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Vorticity channel problems

I set up a simulation in realflow and set to export a prt sequence with vorticity enable in the emitter and export central.
When I loaded in the sequence in maya with Krakatoa the vorticity channel did not appear. I also tried using a custom channel and typing in Vorticity and it gave no results.

Anyone else want to test out a frame to see if my prt actually contains a vorticity channel? (49.1 MB)

I can confirm that the PRT you posted does contain a Vorticity channel.
It is in float32[1] data format (Float) and contains values somewhere between 0.07 and 61.00.

Here is what I see when I colorize the particles using a Blend of Cyan and White based on the Vorticity, Normalized between 0 and 61, and to the Power of 0.3 to bend the curve a bit as otherwise it tends to be very blue:

That being said, PRTs written by RealFlow typically use the PRT v1.0 format specification and do not contain metadata about scene scale and coordinate system, so the axes might be swapped (RealFlow is left-handed, Maya is right-handed). Saving and loading the BIN files directly would transform the particles automatically and would probably still bring over the Vorticity channel…

Thanks for the reply and the help Bobo :slight_smile:. I used a hybrido domain and exported the vorticity in the prt section in export central. So I only have the rpc and prt caches and I don’t think it reads the rpc. Not sure how to get bin files from hybrido.

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