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Voxel and Particles in the same scene?

I realize this may not be possible, but it never hurts to ask.

So I would like to have Particles and Voxels in the same scene or at the least have the “look” of Particles and Voxels in the same scene. I can get the look and sharpness of “particles” while in Voxel mode by reducing the voxel size. But that setting is global, which would prevent me to my knowledge from having multiple particle systems or prt volumes, one more dense, soft, cloud like and the other more particle like in the same C4D scene. I realize using Turbulence FD may get me closer to what I want but at the moment the trial version does not work with Krak C4D so not sure if I want to get it yet. So hoping I can do this just with X-particles and Krakatoa C4D.

First off is there anyway to make the Voxel size local to a particle source, X-Particles Source, PRT Volume, etc?

If not could it be possible to have a 1 pass render for Particle mode and then render another pass in Voxel mode assigning a particle system to each render pass?

Really appreciate your time and the amazing plugin that this is, thanks!


you can control the densities, absorption and color settings individually via tags ond the krakatoa sources.
it wont get the voxel look via particle rendering though. not sure what you want to achieve though.

For example I would like to be able to have a Voxel size of 2cm for one particle source and a Voxel size of .1cm for another particle source in the same scene. The way it is now with the Voxel global setting there is no way to do this inside Krakatoa C4D. Does that make sense? Thanks!


Unfortunately, Krakatoa uses a global voxel-size setting for all particles in the scene. It is a limitation of the rendering algorithm that we use. Would compositing two different renders (each with different voxel-lengths) work reasonably? The same idea goes for mixing particles and voxels, that would need to be done with compositing as well. Sorry about this limitation.

Thank you for the informative reply. I figured as much but was hoping there was something I was missing.

I don’t see it as reasonable :slight_smile: but I understand it really is the only way. I simply prefer to get as much done in one shot in 3D as I am more conceptualizing this in C4D as opposed to already having set in stone visual ideas. Jumping to another program to see a final comp slows me down.

But once again thank you for the information and a truly great product!

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