Wanting a dummies guide to install as a service

Hi, we normally run the render nodes by having the worker start when logged in etc. This works fine. I am just trying one render node as a service. I reinstalled and used the install as service option.

Could I ask some very basic questions. How do I get this node to connect to the monitor now that there is no interface. The service is indeed running. The manual says how to install as service but nothing regarding how you use it after installed :slight_smile:


May have got it working by re-installing and using UNC paths. My bad.

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The service is essentially the same program, running in the background.
You can access it in the Services application, if you are working in Windows. Then, when you start the service your worker should come up in the monitor list.

And if you want to start a Monitor while the Launcher is running as a service you’ll have to grab it out of “%deadline_path%”\deadlinemonitor.exe -new. This is because services don’t have the power to create GUIs, so you’ll have to launch it with your user.

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