We have multiple NIM servers - please help


We have two companies each with their own NIM installation for job tracking, but we share the same Deadline renderfarm (for obvious render power advantages).

Unfortunately, when I configure the NIM event, I can only set one NIM URL, so only one company at a time can use the features, such as submitting drafts etc

Is it possible to set two NIM URLs somehow?


There’s no way to do that, but it might not be too hard to add an additional URL and automatically swap between the two based on the job.

If you look for all the spots calling GetConfigEntry in NIM.py you’ll be able to add whatever check you need to make to tell which company made made the job. In NIM.param you can add an additional copy of those entries.

You should be able to copy what’s already in place, the only missing piece is how to tell which company the job came from.

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Thank you Justin. I’ll have to take a look, but it’s good to know that I can theoretically swap that variable out dynamically.

For anyone in the future who thinks it would be easier to just edit that .param file dynamically, it’s only used to populate default entries if there isn’t anything in the database already.

Just a heads up, as it tends to come up!

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