Web Monitor - Setup - How to?


i am new to deadline (more experiance with backburner)…

i am trying to setup the web service to have a “web monitor” in the browser…
i followed the documentation and when i start the “deadlinewebservice.exe” it says “…listening to connections on port 8082…”
but when i put the “http://localhost:8082” i get a “service unavailable, http error 503”…
can someone help to setup this properly?
and has deadline something like a web monitor built in, like the backburner web monitor, where i can manage jobs (resubmitting, stopping, logging, change priority, etc…like the deadline monitor app) from the internet/homeoffice?

deadline 10.1.15, win 10


Deadline doesn’t have a web based Monitor like Backburner does. That web service to go with the RESTful API and the Standalone Python API. As for the 503 error I’d make sure you’ve got the urlacl reservation setup per these steps here (assuming the server is on a Windows machine).

As for accessing your farm from a home office, we’ve been recommending connecting using the Remote Connection Server over a VPN to the farm’s network just because it’s fairly simple and secure. If you can, could you let us know what kind of setup you’re working with?

hi justin,

thanx for the reply.

i already got the urlacl setup as described in the documentation and as i earlier mentioned the webservice says it listening to the port for connections…but the 503 error still exists.
is there a step i am missing? maybe some command line options in the deadlinewebservice.exe?
i also deactivated the windows-firewall to see if that cause the issue…
also put a script into custom\scripts\webservice\ to check the functionality…no success.

so this “web service” is intended for what exactly? custom web dashboards or so? custom web pages based on the database?
so monitoring is only suggested over vpn or remote desktop?

what do you mean with “…kind of setup”? deadline-setup?

To see why the webservice is still failing, we should have a log in one of these spots:

  • Windows: C:\ProgramData\Thinkbox\Deadline10\logs
  • Linux: /var/log/Thinkbox/Deadline10
  • Mac OS X: /Library/Logs/Thinkbox/Deadline10

That web service is used with the RESTful API and the Standalone Python API so you can query and control Deadline outside of a Deadline application. Some companies have used it to build website based submitters so their artists don’t need to learn the integrated submitters and don’t need to have Deadline installed locally.

And by setup I mean how is the network between the home office and farm machines set up? I’m assuming you’re working remotely from the farm so you’d need some way to communicate with the web service. But if that’s not the case just ignore the question. :slight_smile:

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