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Web Service not requiring x509 certificate?

Hello, I’m setting up a Deadline server in a new environment and was configuring the Web Service. I’ve enabled TLS and selected " Require Web Service clients to use TLS I’ve also enforced web service authentication from Repository Options in Deadline Monitor. This is on version

When hitting the api end point on 4434, I can see that it requires me to make requests using basic auth and a valid user / web service password otherwise I get a 401, but it’s not requiring me to provide an x509 cert.

Is the x509 cert requirement only enforced when using standalone python API?

How are you hitting the web service other than the standalone API? If I recall correctly you’ll only be able to hit the “Hi I’m the Deadline Web Service version blah blah” and nothing else. If you’re using a web browser what do you get using http://hostname:portnumber/api/jobs? And are you testing on the machine running the web service or a different machine?

I’m wondering if the cert’s in the machine’s store and getting pulled in automatically.

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