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Web service not working


I’ve installed the web service via de docs and now would like to check if the connection is up, but on remote machines i cant acces it and in the prompt window i see this:

There should be another message if i’m not wrong. Does somebody know what i can do or check?

Hello @Remco

To check if the web service is working or not you will need to check it from the Python API. Follow here: Standalone Python API — Deadline documentation

Hi Zainali,

Thanks for the quick reply! I’m really sorry but do you have a bit more information? I know my way around deadline but api/python isn’t my forte. I’ve had a repository before but then via an Docker image. Could you please share some more information on how to check or solve this matter?

No worries!

From that screenshot of the log that’s a working web service, listening on port 4434 for connections. In the past you’d be able to hit the web service in a browser using web-server-hostname:4434, but modern browsers aren’t happy with the authentication the web service needs.

So instead you’ll have to test hitting it with a script. There are minimal examples in the standalone API docs home page.

However you mention that the remote machines you can’t access it. How were you trying to connect? Assuming the remote machines and the web service are able to communicate over port 4434 it should work.

I’m facing the same issue, wondering if there is a solution that worked.

How are your scripts failing to be run? Assuming you’re seeing no errors in the web service like the original post we’d have to know that to figure out what’s happening in your case.


I believe deadline web service is not working

Deadline web service is working with selfip( BUT not with LAN IP(

In one of these you’re getting an HTTP 401 error, which means there’s an authentication failing to be provided.

Given it works on the loopback but not on the LAN I’d recommend you check your firewall settings and make sure port 8081 is accessible from the other machine. I’m a fan of Powershell’s TestNetConnection when it comes to confirming traffic routing from machine to machine.

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