Webboard features

We have chosen the Akiva Webboard software for our discussion forums.  This tool provides users a bit more flexibility than other similar forum or BBS products.

Flat View and Tree View

You can elect to view the discussions in a traditional flat view or shift into tree view to see the full threaded conversation in a convenient navigation tree.

Three ways to participate

Members can read messages and post to the discussion forums from the traditional HTTP (web) interface, by SMTP mailing list (email) or by NNTP (news reader).

On the web, simply browse to http://support.franticfilms.com and click the Discussion Forums link.

SMTP mailing lists provide a convenient method to participate in your favorite conferences.  Choose the Options menu, and select My Mailing Lists to pick the conferences to wish you wish to subscribe.  New messages will be delivered automatically to your registered email address.  Simply click reply in your email client to send a response back to the webboard.

NNTP news readers are a great way to catch up on complete conference histories, or to create local reference archives.  Simply point your news reader at support.franticfilms.com and update the listing of news groups.  You will need to configure your news reader to submit your login and password.  Using your news reader, you can simply read message headers or download complete messages as you prefer.

David Marks

This is an example of a reply via email.

Mailing lists make it convenient to participate without having to search the

website for your areas of interest.

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