Weighted Random ShapeIndex for Multiple Objects

I posted this in another thread, but it really belongs here…

You can set the weight for each of ten shape index values to provided a weighted randomness for instanced geometry in Frost. The Flow is pretty easily modified to add more than ten shapes if you need them.

Here is an implementation of Weighted Shape Index values in MagmaFlow.

WeightedShpaeIndexes.zip (2.9 KB)

Unzip and Load this into the MagmaModifier flow window. It lets you set weights for ten (0-9) Shape Indexes.

Easy enough to modify to add more indexes. Since I am doing this with nodes I was just to lazy to wire more of them up.

Note that with all weights set to zero it sets the index to 0. I was going to set it to something like 1000 or -1, but it seems Frost ignores shape indexes that are out of bounds and uses shape 0 anyway. Would be more useful if it did not instance anything in that case. Then the weights could be used to deleted instances of a certain shape index. You could of course modify the flow to select those particles and then use a Delete Op.

Anyway, hope someone finds this useful.

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