Weird issue with triangles showing up on my polys with XMESH in 3DS Max 2020


I’ve been having an issue where the triangles that make up my polys on an XMESH are showing up in weird ways.

I created a mesh that is a box cloned 10x10x10, and used this as a particle birth object in tyflow. I then had an animated material frequency operator that animates a cycle between five different materials, one of which is fully transparent, and one of which is a wireframe material. A multisub object material is used on the Tyflow and Xmesh. I’m rendering with VRay, but I’ve had similar issues before when rendering with Scanline.

Here is the Tyflow, which looks good as all polys:

Here is the Xmesh object saved from that TyFlow, which does have some weird issues with triangles in some areas:

The issue only appears in some spots, so I’m not sure what exactly is causing this, or what I might be missing. In the export setting for xmesh I included the FaceEdgeVisibility channel, and this seemed to help, but it didn’t eliminate the issue. I also tried including the EdgeSharpness and VertexSharpness channels, but this didn’t seem to help.

I am actually trying to do this with a 100x100x100 cube, and with Xmesh on the first frame when all the particles are white, I get some weird edge issues. When I render this same object with TyFlow it appears as a single white cube. (I had to break up the 100x100x100 cube object into four different objects so TyFlow could handle it):

I uploaded a 3DS Max scene for this example.

Any ideas on what I might be missing here? Any help would be greatly appreciated! (228.0 KB)

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