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What to render?

I’ve got a scene that uses X-Particles: there;s an emitter feeding some trails feeding a skinner. Can I render this with Krakatoa using the X-Particles source? Is so, how? The only element that the Krakatoa Source Emitter field will accept is the X-Particle emitter itself, and rendering that obviously doesn;t do the job

sorry, I take that back - the Krakatoa Source will accept the Skinner in the field but does not render it.

The Skinner produces a blob mesh from the particles, right?
Krakatoa does not render meshes (except for Matte holdouts).

You can only render the particles coming from an X-Particles object, or you have to fill the volume of a mesh using PRT Volume.
Unfortunately, being on my laptop away from home, I don’t have XP to test whether the PRT Volume works correctly with the Skinner. If it works, it should also work with the Krakatoa PRT Surface (covering the mesh’s surface instead of filling its volume).

In fact, the Repopulation feature of Krakatoa was born from filling the volume of our own Frost particle mesher (the equivalent to the XP Skinner) with a PRT Volume: … katoa.html
That being said, the current implementation of the Repopulation feature in KC4D should produce a very similar result by just repopulating the XP particles without going through a Skinner.

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