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Just wondering what was coming up for Krakatoa, any future plans , developments to look forward to?

In short, we are all working hard to ship Sequoia v1.0 first :slight_smile:
Once we are done with it, we will look at the Roadmap for Krakatoa 3.0 again.

Some of the development that went into Sequoia will surely show up in Krakatoa, like support for .SPRT - Spatially-organized particle files. In fact, Krakatoa 2.4.x already reads PRT 2.0 and SPRT files saved by Sequoia, but cannot save them yet. It also cannot make use of the LOD and very fast neighbor and localized access that SPRT allows (this would make some existing Magma particle lookup operations faster, and new ones possible).

I don’t want to discuss the actual feature set of Krakatoa 3.0 at this point, when the Beta starts again, join us and find out what is going on… :slight_smile:

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