When will H18.5 will be supported out of the box with Deadline installer?

I just installed the latest 10.12.xx and I noticed that H18.5 is STILL NOT available out of the box ? Any ETA on that ?

Thank you,


Usually there is a pop up box when you’re writing a post with suggested content relevant to your post.

I did a search for 18.5 in the forum search box and it looks like there is a temp fix here

I’m being optimistic in hoping that all the features requested in this thread are being worked on, for now the quick fix in the thread may help. If not then this is probably the best thread to add in your requested feature

Personally I blame SideFX for releasing so many features, hopefully when 19 is released it’ll just be a new poly bevel tool :wink:

yes I know and I am using it but it is quite time consuming and what, H18.5 is mainstream now. Should be out of the bat working with 18.5 :smiley:
happy new year !

It’ll be in 10.1.13 when we get that out the door.


looking forward to the next 10.1 release!

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