[Windows 10][U.E.4.27] Unreal Engine Plugin won't do anything

Hello all,

I have developed a very simple UE4 plugin for Deadline which basically executes a comand line (exe + arguments). I log what is the actual command so that I can test it out in Windows CMD, and it runs fine in Windows CMD. When I run this on Deadline, it will just idle, without doing anything else. After a while I force the job to fail to see the actual output and I get the average Deadline output plus the following line repeated many times, but no errors at all:
2021-10-05 15:03:12: 0: DEBUG: ManagedProcess.Execute: m_process.IsRunning(): True m_process.IsStdoutAvailable(): False

Then I decided to test out the oficial Unreal Engine plugin shipped with Deadline, but it would just idle as well, the only difference being that one line mentioned above won’t appear.

My actual questions are:

1.- Does the official Deadline plugin work properly with version UE4.27?
2.- Do you have any idea why Deadline won’t do the job knowing that the command is correct? (It actually starts UE, and it shows a log line from the UE stdout, which appears in the command line when I do it manually, but it will just not go further.

Thank you very much in advance,

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