Worker crash windows

i have deadline installed for a while and working with no problem . a couple of days ago , I noticed some of the render nodes are stalled or offline .when I investigated, I found that all of these nodes are stuck at windows recovery and boot them into windows results in dpc watchdog violation blue screen as soon as worker is starting up.

please advise

Did you recently update them? I’m seeing this with render nodes picking up the latest Windows update, blue screening, then rolling back.

If you remove Deadline from the node does it still occur?

i can not assure if the nodes have been updated or not , as they are configured to auto install updates.
i can see their update logs.

as for the client , yes if i prevent the worker from starting up with boot .The the node is working normally but as soon as i start the worker , it crashes after a random time .

ok, so it doesn’t crash when it launches, but at a random time, is this while rendering? what software is rendering and how is it performing before crashing

Is it worth running a benchmark / stress tool without deadline running to see if the problem is with the machine?

no , right a way on launches . as soon as the worker is loaded up , it may take a couple of seconds or a minute till you see a blue screen with dpc watchdog violation message .

Does the Deadline Worker pick up a job when it starts, or does it crash even if sitting idle?

Try to suspend all jobs on the queue and launch the Worker. Does the OS still crash?

Remember that the Deadline Worker is relatively lightweight, it does not do much when not rendering. And when rendering, it simply tells the application to render, and sits around capturing its output and waiting for it to finish. So the chances of the Deadline Worker actually causing a system crash vs. a rendering application causing it are distributed maybe 0.01% to 99.99% IMHO.

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No it crash before any job starts . while it is waiting for jobs (idle state ) and i’m sure that there is no running jobs right now.

Then it is time to email support AT thinkboxsoftware DOT com . Feel free to include a link to this forum thread instead of writing all the details again.

Already done, but they are taking along time to get back with any advices.

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