Wrong Downloader for 2.9.7

I see that 2.9.7 is released, but the downloads for Windows gives me the OSX version.
Also, I don’t see the release notes in the documentation.

Thanks for the callout - we’re looking into that and should have it fixed soon!

Thanks. I’m guessing this is just an update for Catalina and only affects OSX.
The link for Windows says 2.9.7, but the installer says 2.9.4 (as well as for linux).
If it’s just an update for Catalina, then no big deal. If 2.9.7 has support for Maya 2020, then it would be good to have the right bits linked. Thanks.

It’s just an update for Catalina compatibility - https://docs.thinkboxsoftware.com/products/krakatoa/2.9/1_Documentation/manual/kmy/releases/kmy_releasenotes.html#krakatoa-my-2-9-7-release-notes