X- Particels render wrong colors


Hey, ich playing around with X-particels and Krakatoa.
Im setting up some Lights in to Colorize my Szene.
Unfortunately my exported image dosent look like my result in the Render Viewport.
It looks like it lost some color in the output
I Have no clue why does this happen, i really need your help.


here an image of the Viewport:
drive.google.com/open?id=0BzUr- … EdrWFd0X2c

and here the render output:
drive.google.com/open?id=0BzUr- … HJYZ3FwMkU



This is most likely caused by Cinema 4D’s “Linear Workflow” settings. You can change them by going to the attributes panel, and then selecting Mode > Project. If you open up the rollout directly under the “Linear Workflow” section (near the bottom of the panel) it should give you a description of what the current settings will do (or at least it does in R18, otherwise, this article explains it.).

Also keep in mind that the render settings also have color profile settings under the “Save” tab, and this can get changed automatically depending on the format and depth of the output image.


It worked finally :wink:
You made my day!

Thank you very much!