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X-Particle Cache vs Krakatoa Baking

So does Krakatoa particle baking replace the need for caching in XP? I’ve noticed that when I cache in XP the Repopulate tag doesn’t really work, so I’m thinking I should just use Krakatoa. Any info is appreciated. Thanks!

As far as Krakatoa is concerned, saving a PRT sequence of a X-Particles system works better than using a X-Particles cache. However in the end, both would produce the same render.

If nothing else, it should be faster for Krakatoa to read the PRT files, and the PRT Loader itself tends to be able to display particles much quicker than using C4D’s own particle display. Plus you get the added advantage of being able to use the PRT Loader’s advanced features, and can preview effects like “Repopulation” in the viewport.

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