X particles 3 compatibility?


Hi guys.
Any news on an update which has ironed out the XParticles 3 niggles?


As far as I know, we should be fully compatible with X-Particles 3 with the current version. Is there an issue you are running into? If so, we’ll try getting it working for you.


Hi Conrad
Thanks for your reply. Please see this thread forums.thinkboxsoftware.com/vie … 02&t=13289
Apologies if I’ve missed an update since then.


Further testing on our side and by Insydium showed that nothing has changed between XP 2.5 and 3.0 in the way Krakatoa works with them, and any issues reported by users were indeed THEIR issues and not Krakatoa-related. In one case the problem was even reproducible with any C4D renderer and not only with Krakatoa.

This is why we are asking for reproducible cases where a scene that worked with XP 2.5 and Krakatoa does not work with XP 3.0 and Krakatoa anymore. Without clear repro steps, there isn’t much we or Insydium can do to help.

Regarding the Color channel issue you reported originally, it is possible that the XP evaluated a black color channel for some reason (e.g. a shader was assigned to the system that Krakatoa does not know how to get a valid color from?). Are you able to reproduce that repeatedly by simply creating a default XP system with default green color and saving it to PRTs with Krakatoa?

If you can send us a simple scene demonstrating the problem, and possibly at least one PRT file to take a look at, it would be very helpful!


Hi Bobo
Thanks for your reply.
I’m away from my workstation right now but as soon as I’m back I’ll study my original file and see if it is possible to reproduce the problem. I’ll apologise in advance if it’s user error!


No need to apologize, this is all complicated stuff :slight_smile:
It is very possible that there is a problem somewhere between C4D, XP and KC4D.
Figuring out whose problem it is can be difficult…