X Particles Colour Channel


Hi Guys
I’ve saved a particle sequence out of Krakatoa using an Xparticles Source.
When I load the sequence in the PRT loader the particles are black - the colour channel seems to be being ignored.
The Color channel is listed in the Available Channels but the particles are previewing and rendering black.
I know I can override the colour but I want to use two separate Xparticles sources with different coloured particles in each.
I’m using C4d R16, Xparticles 3 and the latest build of Krakatoa.
Cheers for any help in advance


The bad news is that while X-Particles 3.0 is supposed to be compatible with 2.5, it does not work quite like 2.5 with Krakatoa C4D. We have had various reports from users who have experienced weird and spooky problems between the two.
The other bad news is that currently there is no dedicated X-Particles 3.0 API we can compile against.

The good news is that INSYDIUM are working on a public API for X-Particles 3.0, and also requested NFR licenses to test Krakatoa in-house to make sure things are working ok in the future.

So right now we cannot do anything about any problems with X-Particles 3.0 as it is technically unsupported by Krakatoa C4D :frowning:
But both companies (Thinkbox and INSYDIUM) are looking into the problems and we will be working on providing a solution as soon as possible.

Note that some users were able to work around various problems by caching the particles using X-P’s own caching system, then passing the data to Krakatoa. Others have passed the data through TP (which was a hack some people running XP 2.0 or the old free evaluation version employed when Krakatoa C4D was first released). These of course are just workarounds and a possible short-term solution.

Thank you for your patience!


Thanks for the swift response and clarification Bobo.
I’ll give those work-arounds a try.


Just an update to this: INSYDIUM states that the API we are using should be compatible for both 2.5 and 3.0, so it seems that a new build is not needed at this time.


Hi guys
I’ve been experimenting with some tests and it turns out this only happens if the Xparticles emitter has a material tag attached to it. If this is the case the colour information from the emitter isn’t recognised by Krakatoa and the particles are displayed black when loaded into a PRTloader. I missed this as I was only using the xparticles material for test purposes whilst designing the particle animation. Problem solved!


Oh awesome. I will take a look to see if I can solve this. Krakatoa should be able to handle it. Glad to hear you got it working. Thanks for reporting the issue.