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X-Particles Initial State

Hello Forum.

Wondering if anyone can help with this issue I have been having?

I have an xpEmitter set to Shot with a xpTurbulence Modifier pushing the particles around.
If I play the sim, at frame 125 I like how it looks.
I click on “Set State” to make this frame my “Initial State”. Now when I go back to frame 0 it looks like frame 125.


The issue is when I submit this to Deadline for Partitioning.
I will create all the partitions, but they all are the same. They don’t even stack or double up in intensity.

If I test this locally, it works.

I tried saving the Initial State to the server, no dice.

I tried Caching the sim via the Cache Object from XP, no dice.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Thanks for letting us know about this. I’ll look into it and let you know once we have a solution.

I’ve spent some time looking into this issue. Krakatoa’s partitioning works by re-saving the particle system for each partition, but with the random seed changed for that system so that the particles generate in different locations for each partition. I’m assuming all of the particles have already been generated by the frame where you’ve set your initial state to, so even if Krakatoa changes the random seed, the particles won’t be in different locations because they’ve already been generated in the initial state, and as far as I can tell, once you have an initial state set, that state isn’t affected by the random seed anymore.

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