xbox 360

so who got one? i preordered in august, and gamestop failed me…i looked around at the 100’s of people waiting in line, decided that i wasnt going to stay up all night - and drove around the morning of the launch for an hour and eventually gave up.

meanwhile, guys back in wpg walked into a store, bought one off the shelf and shipped it to me. gotta love 'em :wink:

so anyone get one? its sitting here beside me and i’m going to boot it up tonight.

gamer tag: smashatron. look for me online.


Nope don't have one yet.

Several people at work have one though. I've seen some very sleepy people at work today.

It looks like a very nice machine, can't wait to get one soon.



I learned my lesson from cabbage patch dolls and Rubik’s cubes. I can wait… =)

Here is a link to an xbox commercial that was supposedly banned in the US:

funnny stuff :slight_smile:


Waiting for the first round of bugs to be filtered out, and for some games that are more my speed, as there are only a couple of the launch titles that interest me.

John Stetzer


the downloads are great…

original guantlet for 4-5 bucks, with xbox live 4 player team action? joust pvsp online? its great.

i think they nailed the online marketplace idea. hoping they add more content…


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