Xmesh For 3ds max 2021 or 2022?

Xmesh For 3ds max 2021 or 2022?

I have the feeling that everything beside deadline is dead… :frowning:

While there is no build for 3ds Max 2022 yet, 3ds Max 2020 plugins are compatible with 2021. The XMesh for installer does not list the 2021 option, but you can paste the Plugin.ini entries manually and it works.

  • Locate the plugin.ini for your language, for example English is usually under “C:\Program Files\Autodesk\3ds Max 2021\en-US\plugin.ini”
  • Change the file Properties > Security to give your user Write permissions.
  • Paste the paths to the 2020 builds of the XMesh Saver and XMesh Loader, and save the file.

For example:

XMeshSaver-MX=C:\Program Files\Thinkbox\XMeshSaver MX\3dsMax2020\x64
XMeshLoader-MX=C:\Program Files\Thinkbox\XMeshLoader MX\3dsMax2020\x64

This applies to all 2020 Thinkbox plugins.

Stoke MX=C:\Program Files\Thinkbox\Stoke MX\3dsMax2020\
Krakatoa=C:\Program Files\Thinkbox\Krakatoa MX\3dsMax2020\
Frost=C:\Program Files\Thinkbox\Frost MX\3dsMax2020\x64

Thank you for the info Bobo!
Is there any date when we can expect the 2022 versions ?

2022 version please…

Any news? Really???

Requesting XMesh for Max 2022 please, Max 2022 is such an improvement we’ve got to move to it asap!

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