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XMesh MY freezes while exportin

Maya 2017 Update 4 freezes (Ouput Window freezes too / Windows) when XMesh is exporting.

In interactive mode it just hangs and on the farm (Deadline) the job get’s killed:

2017-10-11 16:34:47: 0: STDOUT: Stack trace:
2017-10-11 16:34:48: 0: STDOUT: MSVCR110.dll!_beginthreadex
2017-10-11 16:34:48: 0: STDOUT: MSVCR110.dll!_endthreadex
2017-10-11 16:34:48: 0: STDOUT: kernel32.dll!BaseThreadInitThunk
2017-10-11 16:34:48: 0: STDOUT: ntdll.dll!RtlUserThreadStart
2017-10-11 16:34:48: 0: STDOUT: Fatal Error. Attempting to save in S:/TEMP/

Does XMesh MY supports the Maya version Update 4?

Thanks for reporting! I’ll talk to the dev team about this.

Can you give me more details about how to reproduce? I’m assuming you’re on the latest version of XMesh, but does it fail when exporting everything? Like, if I made a cube and exported it, would that trigger this issue? Also, what version of Windows is this running on? From the stack trace it looks like it’s failing when spawning a thread.

I wasn’t able to reproduce this issue with simple cases like with cubes. So I’m still investigating what causes the issue.

I’m running Windows 7 Pro SP1.

Another option: Would you be able to share something that does reproduce? I’d rather save you the testing if it’s hard to do.


We got a same issue here, it was only occasional until maya2017 I would say, but now it’s way more frequent.
It’s really hard to track. Appears to happen a lot more on Win10 compared to Win7.

This is seems related to big scenes combined with low memory available on the computer. “Pausing” the viewport (new option in maya2017+, 10 years after everybody else) does not make a difference.

Sorry that far from being a repro case… I have to say I have a hard time reproducing it myself :confused:


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