XMesh of the future


Hi guys,

Congrats on buying Amazon! Or it was the other way around, can’t remember :slight_smile:

I guess you’ve been thinking about where XMesh can go in the future? For us, it would be awesome if it would develop into a more complete geometry (and some day meshes, particles, fields would converge, right?) caching solution which is generally smarter. Imagine if when loading a certain large geometry asset, you could stream only certain areas like around a helper or inside the camera frustrum. And LoDs are automatically created by decimating the mesh that is sent to viewports/renderers based on distance to camera. And loading is streamed and asynchronous, so you can start seeing vertex point clouds in the viewport and start working on it as the whole thing is loading in the background. And you can do lighting/rendering crucial operations on individual objects or rule defined object/polygon sets, like overriding materials and simple geo manipulation (some of that stuff actually already Genomeable actually).

The challenge for us is dealing with huge assets in scene assembly and rendering. We know it’s gonna get even more huge, and would be great to have some more powerful tools to deal with it :slight_smile:



Thank you very much for the good ideas! :slight_smile: