xmeshed frost disappears during preview in VP


Not sure if this is a bug or I did something wierd, but I hadn’t come across this before have the feeling I did things right :slight_smile:

I have 2 pools of liquid-ish frost xmeshed and used twice in a scene.
Both have an timing offset and are set to use hold the first and last frame.

When I make a preview of the scene the meshes disappear for a certain range (without a error popping up that xml data is missing).
If i render that frame then the mesh is there and it all works.

Is this a bug? or do I miss something (see attached the settings used)
VP_Error.mp4 (1.61 MB)


Would it be possible to take a look at the XMesh sequence and the MAX scene to try to reproduce here?

Also, what happens if both XMesh Loaders are set to the exactly same offset and range? Do they disappear at the same time? In the video, the one goes away, then later the other. I wonder if there is a logic to the disappearance based on which frames are being loaded… Also, if you record the same preview twice, do you get identical videos, in other words is it fully reproducible, or somewhat random?

What happens when you play back the viewport itself (instead of making a preview) with Real Time turned off so it would play back every frame? Does it also disappear, or does it behave differently?


Ok… i think it’s actually a clipping / distance bug of some kind.

Here a screencapture: files.rckmn.nl/Distance_bug.rar

i’ll send over the max file link to you by mail in a minute.


For anyone else reading this thread, we confirmed a bug in the viewport bounding box calculations of the XMesh Loader when the Icon display is turned off. It was reproduced in Max 2015 and 2017. It affects both object culling in the viewports, and hit-testing with the mouse to select the object.
If you experience this issue, turn on the Icon and set the Icon Size to 0.0 as a temporary workaround.

We will post a fix when we have one.