XMeshLoader - Reloading at FileSave


I have a scene with 3dsmax 2016, Xmesh, there are 20 xMeshLoader objects and they are all pathed to files which don’t exist, and all are hidden on a hidden layer. Why when doing File->Save does this invoke;
ERR: XMeshLoader::BuildMesh (myObjName): filename_sequence::sync_frame_set(): Cannot sync to non-existent directory: \pathTo\myfiles
To the XMesh Loader Log Window. It takes a moment to print each one, which kind of adds up.

Surely as these objects are a) hidden and b) not needing update at save, there shouldn’t be any attempt to BuildMesh?

Another small thing… in the same file, running the maxscript;

for o in objects where classof o == xmeshloader do print o

This also prints the missing files to the log window, it might be a 3dsmax bug as…

for o in objects where classof o.baseObject == xmeshloader do print o

Doesn’t make anything get printed to the log.

There’s a small chance it’s a callbackscript or something our side but I think I’ve disabled everything.


Hey Dave! Thanks for reporting it. I’ve filed it for the developers to take a look at.


One more thing the (hidden) xMeshLoaders did have a Bend modifier on top, so that’s probably where the difference between classof o and classof o.baseobject comes in.


And another thing…

When XMeshLoaders are on a hidden layer (this time with actually valid .xmesh paths to files that exist), they are still loading at File-Load, which can add quite a lot to the scene.


With layer off - XMeshLoader set to show in Viewport off - 6909ms
With layer off - XMeshLoader set to show in Viewport On - 264536ms