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A Script to List Available Licenses from UBL Servers

Please note: We do not control this endpoint and have had reports that there are delays in getting data for certain customers. We’re unsure if this is from caching or throttling so be mindful about how often client(s) may attempt to access your cloud license server.

Hey all!

I learned recently that it’s possible to talk to the backing servers for UBL to get how many features are available. While I can’t say when it will make it into Deadline’s Monitor I can say that the example script works well and is only able to interrogate your personal server. If you look at the script you’ll see it’s the same URL as you use when configuring UBL in the Monitor.

The API has some power to do some bad things like delete your license server along with all your minutes so we won’t be sharing the API guide.

You’ll need to log into your portal to set the password. Keep that safe.

Instructions are in the included file.

It should output something like this for you:

Feature:      deadline-krakatoa 
    Entitled: 9,876,543,210
    Used:     1,000,000,000
    Overage:  0
    Free:     8,876,543,210

UBL License Usage (2.5 KB)


Thank you so much for this @eamsler , this is far better than the tools thinkbox provides for monitoring UBL usage.

I have tweaked your script slightly and instrumented it with Prometheus metrics. I have stuffed it into a docker container and I produced a helm chart that will deploy it and a serviceMonitor to kubernetes. I also have a grafana dashboard JSON to visualize the Prometheus data in grafana.

Would you be interested in these updates? If so, drop me the github repo url and I’ll submit a PR.

Thanks again!

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Nice! At the moment we don’t. Feel free to make that available for others though. It’s always a bit tricky as different studios have their own deployments but making it available as an example is a great idea.

Can you send me the dock info.

Sorry I missed your reply, if you’re okay with it I’ll drop it into a github repo and post the link here. If @eamsler says go I will.

You should be just fine. We don’t maintain a public github that folks can contribute to for legal reasons I’m not qualified to get into or elaborate on. But please, share your stuff :smiley:

okay @eamsler / @Justin_B / @Derek_E_Zavada here you go: GitHub - daveoy/deadline-ubl-tracker: a lightweight python script that will share prometheus metrics for your usage-based-licensing applications from Thinkbox Deadline


Cool! Nice work - shame I don’t have a render studio to use this with. :smiley:

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