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AWS Portal: The Connection Server is not running


I’m getting this error when trying to launch an infrastructure in the AWS Portal:

The Connection Server set in the settings ( rcs ) is not running. The Connection Server must be running in order for the Infrastructure to launch properly.


Based on this issue I checked that the RCS is not using IPv6. We have been using the RCS successfully with Deadline so I know 100% it’s up and running. That is also confirmed by going to the Conenction Servers view where I can see the server, the Listening Address, which is an IPv4 and the Connection Type being Remote. They are all using the same version.

I was able to install the AWS Asset Server and the AWS Asset Link Portal so the connection to the Remote Server is the last problem here. Our setup is built in Docker Containers, however all ports are properly exposed and it all seems to work with Deadline Monitor, and the rest of the Deadline Launchers that provide workers for the farm.

Does anyone have an idea how to trouble shoot this error? I couldn’t see any additional information in the the console and I assume launching it anyway might not make sense if this error is popping up.

Thank you!

I missed this:

TLS MUST be enabled or AWS Portal will NOT work.

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