Cinema 4D R21 subscription license issue with Deadline


I had Deadline working successfully with Redshift and C4D R20, however, my C4D renewal was up so I decided to move to a subscription license for R21. In R21 I am experiencing issues with Deadline, after getting some scripts from Thinkbox about repointing the Cinema4D submission scripts to see R21. I am finding that R21’s new subscription license model is calling the slaves in a different way through the C4DCommandline.exe

In R20 I had a C4D Studio license, I setup Deadline as per the Thinkbox instructions and everything worked across my main machine and my two slaves.

In R21, the deadline submission script correctly makes the call but the R21 C4Dcommandline.exe application is now asking to login to account and is taking down the first license it can get its hands-on, which is the full license, and therefore locking out the other slave and the main c4d machine

I have spoken with Maxon who say that they are bit flummoxed as Redshift apparently doesn’t need the c4dcommandline.exe, but the Deadline submission scripts is calling the respective C4DCommandline.exe for R20 and R21 to perform the render.

Is anyone else having issues with Deadline in R21?


Yeah, I found out while trying to do a silent install that there was a bunch of files you could copy over to do the licensing, will try and dig out which ones when in the office.

There is a pop up if you don’t set this which asks for local, server, sub, rlm license option, wonder if it does this for the CLR

Are you rendering CLR or exporting to RS and rendering standalone?

Still not got my CLR lics so can’t test that side :frowning:


I hadn’t had CLR setup with R20 and deadline just worked, it does look like the R21 new license system will mean I need a CLR :frowning: