Cinema4d Octane task progress % per frame


We’ve been using Deadline Monitor to manage our Cinema4D Octane Renders for awhile. Now there’s one thing I’d like to know it’s even possible to not.

Can we show the percentage of the current frame that is rendering? When it’s rendering a frame it’s progress is either 0% or 100%.

I found this thread, but I can’t seem to understand how to get it working for Cinema4d/Octane:

Another department at my studio is using 3dsmax+vRay and their render shows sub-percentages when rendering frames, for example: 53.45%

I hope you guys can help me out.

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2020-05-06 17_22_46-Deadline Monitor - __10.20.7.2_DeadlineRepository|690x27

If you’re able to, could you share a render log where you’re seeing this behaviour?

That progress is read out of the renderer’s output so we’ll be able to see what’s keeping the output from being printed in the log.

Ofcourse. I’ve uploaded the DeadlineMonitor-jobreport and OctaneRender-log files here:



I guess it might have something to do with how Octane calculates it’s render percentage?
[2020-05-07 01:56:38][1] Render progress cspp/maxspp:3998/4000 ispp/imaxspp:1024/1024

The “cspp/maxspp:3998/4000” is the actual progress of how far the task is at that moment.

It’s not even that Octane is reporting progress oddly - it’s just not making it to the Deadline Worker!

That’s why in the DeadlineMonitor_Jobreport file the entirety of the Octane render’s output is:

2020-05-06 17:11:33:  0: STDOUT: VRAM used/free/max:6.469Gb/2.003Gb/11Gb  Out-of-core used:0Kb  RAM used:29.077Gb total:31.953Gb  OpenGL free/total:0/0
2020-05-06 22:42:51:  0: STDOUT: renderTM:19877.737sec.   totalTM:20004.587sec. 

You might be out of luck here, it doesn’t look like we’ve got anything in-built to increase how verbose Octane is. I’ve done a little digging, but if you’ve got any ideas I’m wide open! I’ll create a feature request for us to get this sorted, but that won’t get this working quickly.