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“Connect to Worker Log” on service worker does not show UI


I’m having a hard time to connect to worker log which runs as a service. It does work perfectly on machines that are not running as a service though.

Here is the config : Deadline Client Version: Release (1a66fe40f) / Windows 10
I have set firewall rules for all the exe coming from the doc here : Render Farm Considerations — Deadline documentation

I can connect to the log using deadlinecommand -InternalConnectToSlaveLog “” -1 but not through the deadline monitor, I’m not having any UI.
The Console says : “Connecting to Worker log: workername” then nothing.

I have tested all solutions in this post : "Connect to Worker Log" does not do anything

I tried to remove the PythonAPI content just in case as well.

Any idea of where it is coming from ?
Thanks a lot!

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