Crashes on Windows 10 version 1909 (November 2019 Update)

I got a note from @mikeowen that a few customers have had issues with applications crashing (Deadline included) when upgrading Windows to build 1909. So far we have one report where Mantra was involved. It seems that 1809 doesn’t have issues.

Has anyone tried upgrading yet? Just doing some research here.

Turns out FontSync seems to break things. We’re not sure yet what part of it, but likely the RegisterFont() call which sends a Windows message to all open windows.

So, from another thread here on the forums it seems that things work for them when changing the Font Sync to execute only when the Worker starts works around it.

This isn’t the case for the other customer we’ve seen this with (crashes every time).

@kontakt what version of Windows are you on?

hey, we all run windows 10 on 1909 - but we all have this problem since a few months, and i upgraded to 1909 a few weeks ago. on 1809, we had the same issue…

iam not sure if we had this on 1803 aswell…

Just an update: We’ve reproduced the error. We’re not sure at all how to fix the problem yet and I don’t expect we’ll get to it soon. Do chime in here if it’s affecting your workflow (@kontakt I have you down as affected already).

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