Windows Explorer.exe crash when starting new task

Hi there,

we use Deadline & Cinema4D+RS for rendering. Everytime when a machine in our network starts a new task, the windowsexplorer.exe crashes. This means when there is only 1 frame per task, it crashes every minute (depends on the scene) and so working along the way is not possible when the machine is rendering, because every window or program closes with each new task.

At least we found out, that this problem stays in touch with the Font Sync from Deadline. Due to every task-start we had the slave syncing the fonts, just to be sure that every slave has all fonts.

When we are changing the font sync to just one time when the slave starts, then the windowsexplorer.exe crash has gone. Is there a minor update to change this issue ?

I can remember a late Deadline 9.X version, where this problem wasn´t there.

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Actually, we’ve seen this once before. Can you follow along here?: