Deadline + 3dsMAx 2022.1 + Corona7H1 -> Some render jobs only render when submitting from Deadline monitor

Hi there,

Max 2022.1
Corona 7 hotfix 1

We encounter issues with some Corona render jobs (which do render fine locally).
Some Corona jobs render fine when submitted from within 3ds Max, other don’t (see attached error report).
A) If we submit the job (that do not render submitted from within 3DS MAX) from the Deadline Monitor or by 3d/3Ds Command or by 3D/3dsmax they will render fine.

B) Furthermore, in our Repository we have render jobs which rendered fine with Deadline If we resubmit them from the monitor they fail to render.

To be clear Job A and B are exactly the same.

So, am I correct that their is a possible bug in the 3dsMax submitter app of Deadline?
And could it be that this is already there in all releases after (11.7 KB)

Hi Devs,

am I wrong with my conclusion?

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