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Deadline 3ds Max 2023 Fails to Load

We have gotten 3ds Max 2021 to render with Deadline and Vray 6, but for whatever reason 3ds Max 2023 will not render. We keep getting a Error: FailRenderException : 3dsmax: Failed to load max file. Any thoughts on getting this fixed?

Austin Reed

For us there was still an issue with popup handling. To check if thats an issue for you try disabling it. If it works without popup handling try replacing your (Repository/Plugins/3dsmax) with the one available here:

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We updated to Deadline, latest Vray 6 hotfix, updated to latest versions of Rail Clone and Forest Pro and applied that 3dsmax python patch from the other thread. Now we are getting either a permissions error: Exception : Error starting “C:\Program Files\Autodesk\3ds Max 2023\3dsmax.exe” in “C:\Program Files\Autodesk\3ds Max 2023” : The requested operation requires elevation or Error: FailRenderException : 3dsmax: Failed to load max file. Renders fine locally on my machine. Submit it via my machine and then turn my machine on as a render node and get one of these errors even though it was just rendering fine locally with 3ds Max open.

I just saved this scene down to 3ds Max 2021. Opened, loaded RP Manager and submitted to latest version of Deadline. Renders on all the render farm and no errors. It is definitely something with 3ds Max 2021 and having issues loading plugins or accessing files or scripts.

Appears that iToo has left Mental Ray materials for legacy reasons in their library assets and this is causing Max to not load: 2022-08-09 10:06:10: 2022/08/09 10:06:06 WRN: [19832] [22748] Missing dll: mrMaterialAttribs.gup - mental ray: material custom attribute. Is there a way to get deadline to omit this and continue to render?

There’s a checkbox in both submitters, internal and monitor, that lets deadline ignore all missing DLLs. You can’t ignore only individual plugins AFAIK.

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