Deadline 10 Windows 10 Startup Issue

Is anyone else experiencing issues with Windows 10 not allowing Deadline Launcher to run during Windows “Startup”. I even have deadline launcher set to run in admin mode and firewall inbound port open. Any suggestions?

Do you mean on logon or is it running as a service?

Launcher logs might be helpful here. Mainly if they’re created at all.

With UAC activated Deadline just wouldn’t run at startup so I turned off UAC and Deadline is loading again upon Windows Startup…IT isn’t happy that UAC is off, but it’s working.

Hmm. Well, if you (or others) do find anything interesting in the Launcher log, let me know.

Also, for actually finding those logs: … /logs.html

I just updated from Deadline 8 and I’m also experiencing a similar problem. Followed all installation instructions to the T and Windows 10 doesn’t allow Deadline to run properly at startup. However, I can get it to run if I start the program using “Run as Administrator”. Very annoying and I understand this is more of an issue with the OS than anything.

Is there any workaround to this? I don’t want to have to turn off UAC unless there is no other solution.


It’s likely a file access problem. We’re usually good about logging stuff, as I asked for the last poster, can you provide some logs? Follow the link there.

I had missed going through the “Render Farm Considerations” checklist. Oops!

Still early but seems everything is working correctly now. :smiley:

Heh. Okie doke. If you hit more challenges, let us know.

For others, that part of the docs can be found here: … iderations

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