Worker will not open in Windows 10 upon Startup

When windows 10 boots, I find deadlinelauncher.exe, deadlineworker.exe and Deadline Launcher Service 10.1" in task bar processes. They are running but the worker does not open. The only way for me to get deadlineworker gui to open is to endtask on the deadline* processes and click the shortcut for Worker 10. I found reference to UAC causing issues so I disabled that. (Deadline 10 Windows 10 Startup Issue). I found logs in C:\programdata\Thinkbox\Deadline10\logs. Initially, it shows a problem finding repository in the logs. I never see that. Any thoughts where I can look to find the answer? This behavior is on all my render nodes. There were a few pc’s I manually updated from Windows 7 to Windows 10. Worker starts up every time in Windows 7 and when upgrade finishes, it no longer opens automatically. I am new to thinkbox so any information would be appreciated. Thank you.

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